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What does a typical training session involve?

In your first session, I will conduct a comprehensive 90-minute consultation that includes a body composition assessment and a gym-floor movement screening. This assessment provides crucial information I will utilise to create a personalised training and nutrition plan for you. After the program has begun, each session will start with a brief review of your progress before delving into a challenging training session that pushes you to your limits. I value your investment and don't believe in wasting time, such as watching you warm up on a treadmill or stretching for half of your session. Instead, we focus on every minute and target specific movements that utilise resistance training to achieve unparalleled body composition results.

I’ve never done resistance training before. Can I still do a transformation?

At Thibault Remacle Personal Training, achieving life-changing results does not require previous experience in resistance training. Most of my clients need more experience in this area. This is an advantage as it means they have not developed bad habits or poor technique. Starting with intention and correct form from the beginning not only sets individuals up for a successful training journey but also reduces the time required to learn and the risk of injury. As I say, "You don't need to be fit to start; you just need to start!"

Will I be advised on diet and supplements during my training?

I will build you a bespoke nutrition and supplement plan that considers your lifestyle, goals, and preferences and is designed to maximise your investment return. The three hours you spend with me are only a tiny part of the story. The remaining 165 hours in the week are just as important, and your nutrition is a fundamental pillar of your results. I will work with you to develop calorie and macronutrient goals tailored to your body composition and goal. I emphasise the importance of high-quality, nutrient-dense foods like lean meats, green fibrous vegetables, and healthy fats like nuts, avocados, or olive oil. This approach maximises the health benefits of your transformation and ensures you are satiated, energised, and ready to take on any new challenges. I will also provide ongoing support to make the personal training plan work for you. While supplements should not form the basis of your diet, they are invaluable for plugging gaps in your nutrition, which may become more apparent during a fat-loss phase. My supplement includes proven, reliable, high-quality products that provide a significant return on investment. I only recommend supplements that I know work from experience and a scientific point of view—only proven science.

How can I be sure THIS will be effective when I have already attempted various methods to lose fat without success?

Most people fail in weight loss attempts because they need effective goal-setting, accountability, and flexibility. These three factors are the cornerstones of what makes my model effective in delivering client results. I never impose goals; I listen to your goals and learn about your lifestyle. Then, I work with you to develop a personalised plan that you can feel confident will help you to achieve the results you want. I keep you accountable to your commitments and help you build strategies into your life that make them easier to stick to. I help you plan for times when you need to be flexible, such as meals out, travel, and socialising. My approach to fat loss is proven with clients of all ages and abilities. So, if you commit to the process and consistently adhere to your program, you will see the desired results. And I work tirelessly with you around the clock, inside and outside the gym, to help you achieve results and learn the tools and skills to maintain them for life.

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